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Bio en

inourazslide  Bio enInouraz («hope » in Tamazight) is a Moroccan band of Amazigh and Berber music that formed in 2006, four musicians, led by Khalid El Berkaoui, a Spiritual Amazigh music where boldness never shrinks from the desire to go to encounter new sonorities, like lifting a corner of the veil from a part of the world that we were hitherto unknown. Musics frozen in ancestral codes breaking boundaries with a delightful freedom and do not hesitate to explore other territories, unexpected musical heritage. The limits are shattered, the music here is reinventing horizons to connect two feuding brothers, East and West, on the thread of singular significance.

This free partition does not cease to assert its birth in the Middle Atlas. As if each note carried on his brow its origin place to better to go out to meet the others. For it is a Middle Atlas not folded on itself but open, transfigured by happiness that earned him the contact with others. The ear flushes out hither and thither sounds that come from the Jazz world, but elsewhere too. This means that the trip, which ear is invited is incredibly rich and it takes time to be decrypted at the appropriate level, if it lets enjoy immediately.

Traditional instruments are working to give the best of themselves. Inouraz gives pride to ribab, Loutar, lgembri, Tamatam, nnaqous ta3rija bandir,,, like to celebrate the memory, this valiant guardian who knew how to maintain them, in adversity, through the ages. But there is, in this celebration, no desire to affirm a truth that would exclude others. To join in these instruments Inouraz invites the iranian daf and afriquin calbass and Indian tabla,,, with poignant humility.

be Listening to the world seems to be the only goal of this music, for better to approach self , in a quiet intimacy, as in a secret alcove, a journey to deepest self. Inouraz music is a mirror made of sounds that allows a glimpse of that inner peace that we carry with us, and that sound and the fury of the world prevent us hearing clearly the light. This is music that calms its faith in Man and whose credo is only to say freedom.

Karima Boutadout : Vocal

Khalid El Berkaoui traditional percussion

Mustafa Amal ribab and Loutar

El Hassan Boumlik Loutar and ribab

Omar Akhatar : Classic Guitar – Bass Ghitar

Artistic Advisor: